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[Savannah-hackers-public] Supporting project review

From: Sebastian Gerhardt
Subject: [Savannah-hackers-public] Supporting project review
Date: Wed, 10 Dec 2008 16:17:29 +0100


this is a supporting project review written in the hope that it may ease
your task a little. 


Project name: rand

Intelligible. (OK)

Neither proprietary dependencies nor recommendations. (OK)

The complete project is licensed GPL compatible. (OK)
A copy of the verbatim license is included. (OK)

Not all non-trivial source files bear an appropriate
copyright & license notice on the top.
rand.1 and the makefile lack them. Please fix.
The rand.c~ presumably is a backup file and misses them, too. It is
recommended to delete it.

Terms used:
The rand.c contains a version message saying the program 
is for "Linux", which should be altered to "GNU/Linux"
because the context suggests this is not only about the kernel.

(Reviewer's remark: On a brief look, the program seems to be written
very portable. Therefore, it may be useable on all systems for which
a standard compliant C compiler exists, not only GNU/Linux)

The first line seems to refer to an interim project named "bricker".
This should be changed to the name the project is now released under.


Dear [Maintainer's Name],

your project "rand", which was submitted to Savannah, has been reviewed.
A few issues prevent the project from being approved right away.

Attached you will find the protocol of the evaluation. If you 
are still interested in submitting the project, please update
your project accordingly so we can reconsider the project for
inclusion in Savannah.



Hope this helps

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