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Re: [Savannah-hackers-public] Re: autoredirect setup help

From: Sylvain Beucler
Subject: Re: [Savannah-hackers-public] Re: autoredirect setup help
Date: Mon, 15 Dec 2008 20:51:55 +0100
User-agent: Mutt/1.5.18 (2008-05-17)


On Thu, Dec 11, 2008 at 07:27:47PM -0600, Karl Berry wrote:
> Hi Sylvain,
>     I've configured mirmon and we now this ready:
> Very nice!  Thanks for doing all the work.  I'm surprised there are only
> two dead mirrors.  I'll write to those admins.
>     What kind of official URL should we use for it?
> I'm tempted to suggest, by analogy with the
> which we have for the mirrors of
> (I know a few GNU packages use their download area, but I'm not sure
> if those are getting mirrored, and in any case it's nothing we're
> especially recommending.)
> Other names that come to mind seem awfully long, e.g.,
>  Other ideas?
>     I think we could use it by default for the Savannah projects pages.
> My experience with the multiplexing (for TeX) is that it is useful to
> use the generic multiplexing url for downloading by default, but it's
> also important to point to the mirmon page so people can see the
> choices and their status, and the mirror list page for those who can use
> rsync.

I adapted Randy's script to only use up-to-date mirrors for the
multiplexer (i.e. don't use bigsearcher's here).

Randy: do we need to restart Apache2 when 'ctan.txt' changes?

Karl, about the URL, what do you think of this:

- we set as the multiplexer

- we document another URL
  (e.g. for
  when people want to check the canonical location


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