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[Savannah-hackers-public] just want to say hello @all

From: Peter Meyer
Subject: [Savannah-hackers-public] just want to say hello @all
Date: Sat, 31 Dec 2011 16:18:12 +0100
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Iam Peter from Germany and interested in developing free Software and hope some one can answer a few question about it (i hope this is the right place). I like free Software, OpenSource Software and i dont fight with others thadt uses a Mac, Windows or Solaris (i use them all and its fun to see how many
diffrent ways a solution for s Softwareproblem can look like).

Ok, now to the Questions:
Iam not a purist but i want help to get free Software spreads around the World but i dont want do it like Hitler with a sloagan like this: If you not with us, then you against us! Iam writing these lines using Windows and Mozilla Thunderbird, but this was also the System i heard the first Time
from GNU, Linux and the FSF.

Question 1:
Is it ok, developing a free Software, thadt can "ALSO" run on Windows or Mac?

Question 2:
Is it ok, to let Users of the own developed, free Software to do what ever the want (even if the self developing thidparty, closed source Extensions)?

Question 3:
Whats about a License like BSD (thadts my Favorite License theese Days) wich provide freedom to any aspect of usage without any force in any

Greetings, Peter

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