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Re: [Savannah-hackers-public] mock review for the project scruf

From: Michael J. Flickinger
Subject: Re: [Savannah-hackers-public] mock review for the project scruf
Date: Sun, 28 Oct 2012 14:57:57 -0400
User-agent: Waffles

On 10/27/12 3:55 AM, Rudra Banerjee wrote:
Hello friends,
below is a mock review of the project scurf.
Please let me know if this is good.
The project link is

I'm evaluating the project you submitted for approval in Savannah. While
doing so I have noticed a few problems which are described below.

1) Your file parser/, styling/style.css and todo are
missing copyright headers and license notices.

I don't think we really care too much about meta-project files, such as BUGS, TODO, THANKS, etc. These files are not documentation nor are the part of the program. I've personally never nagged for licensing headers on such files.

It also appears that plenty of GNU projects lack licensing notices on such files.

You are correct thought, parsers/ is slightly past the threshold of trivial code, so it probably should have a licensing header.

styling/style.css is attributed to the public domain with the following header:

  Author:  rsiddharth
  Contact: <address@hidden>
License: Public Domain <>

Please submit a tarball on the bottom of this page with the updated

Since this project has only one minor problem, I'd probably recommend passing, suggesting that a licensing notice be added to the parsers/

Best regards.

I would like to become a project reviewer. my savannah id is roddur.

I added you to the administration project, so you'll be able to correspond with the ticket submitter here:

I'd strongly advise using the review-correspondence scripts for generating replies to project submitters: (for emails) (for vim)

Feel free to pick and choose reviews for the time being. I'll be watching your interactions and will provide feedback to you. If you are unsure of anything, when it comes to a review, please email this list with any question you may have. Additionally, we have an IRC channel on (channel #savannah) where you may ask questions.

For now, just write to the project submitter that their review has either been accepted or declined. I'll manually approve the projects after you send the submitter their approval notice. After we do a few of these and you feel comfortable, you'll have access to either accept and create the projects yourself.


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