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[Savannah-hackers-public] [ #826036] zope restore on frontend.sav

From: Karl Berry via RT
Subject: [Savannah-hackers-public] [ #826036] zope restore on frontend.savannah
Date: Sun, 28 Apr 2013 19:58:27 -0400

Savannah folk: I just sent this request to sysadmin.  We'll see what's
possible ...

Hi sysadmins - as you probably know, the savannah wiki was cracked.
Apparently the date of the crack was August 4, 2012.  We'd (very
belatedly) like to ask for it to be restored to its state before that,
since many of the pages were destroyed or garbled by the crackers.

Do you have backups from that long ago?

As best I can make out, the file with all the data for the wiki is

However, I suppose it would wise to restore all of /var/lib/zope2.10.

I doubt the other zope directories (/etc/zope2.10, /root/zope,
/usr/lib/zope2.10) were touched, although if it's easy to get them too,
might as well.

I've saved a copy of the current /var/lib/zope2.10 in frontend:/tmp,
though restoring everything into some other directory (as usual) sounds

Meanwhile, after the data is back, the next goal is extract the text of
the individual pages so we are not stuck with everything in an opaque
database.  Do you happen to have any experience with zope?  Any idea how
to do that?

Finally, the ultimate idea is to set up an ikiwiki with the extracted
text, so we are not stuck with this painful zope thing.  I know you run
ikiwiki for other things at the FSF, so any tips, procedures, or
whatever would be much appreciated.


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