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Re: [Savannah-hackers-public] requirements of a new project in GNU Savan

From: Karl Berry
Subject: Re: [Savannah-hackers-public] requirements of a new project in GNU Savannah
Date: Tue, 19 Aug 2014 23:07:04 GMT

    1. DirEvent/DirCond:

Approval of this one has to wait for another reason: it needs to be
dubbed GNU (by rms).  That process is separate from Savannah.  I'm
working on it.

    2. SciTE-proj

    The three image files are properly mentioned in the README file
    (checked manually, this isn't shown in the report).

If you've also looked at it manually and don't see any problems,
go ahead and approve it as far as I'm concerned.  I trust you.

    3. JNoteBook
    One source code file is GPL'd.
    Four image files just need to be mentioned in README (or perhaps
    this is not even a requirement?)

It is a requirement, but I think what we have done in practice when such
a small thing is all that is left is to approve without requiring them
to go through one more submission iteration; just tell them to please do
the README thing when it's approved.

Looks like a prefix "//--" may be confusing things.  Maybe the code
could somehow detect/ignore any arbitrary prefix?

Also, unless those .so's are generated from source within the project
(didn't check), we certainly can't host them.  Binaries are only ok if
complete sources are available, of course.

I would suggest adding one more list:
  Files without either copyright or license statement
and then reduce the "Files without copyright" and "Files without license"
categories accordingly.  It's very common that if a file lacks one, it
lacks the other, so it's easier to understand if that is reflected in
the script output.

On another front, the output says:
  A recognizable copyright statement in this script should be of form:
  Copyright (C) YEAR NAME (email)

The "should" is not correct.  Neither the "(C) nor the "(email)" are
required, or even necessarily recommended.  Also there is usually more
than one year involved.  So maybe:

  A copyright statement should be of the form:
  Copyright YEARS NAME
  An optional "(C)" and/or contact addresses can be added if you wish.

Enough for today ...


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