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Re: [Savannah-hackers-public] Permission issue in the audio-video direct

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: [Savannah-hackers-public] Permission issue in the audio-video directory
Date: Wed, 8 Jun 2016 02:06:53 -0600
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Hello Therese,

Thérèse Godefroy wrote:
> Zak recently added me to the audio-video project so I could update the
> audio-video web pages. But it doesn't work. I can download files from
> the audio-video directory (/srv/audio-video/) by either scp or sftp, but
> am unable to upload the new versions. Zak can't do it either.

I am completely unfamiliar with the audio-video files.  Is that even
under the Savannah umbrella?  I guess it is since they are on download.

> I explored this directory by interactive sftp, and found out that the
> files I'm trying to update belong to either the staff or the svusers
> group, instead of audio-video.

I find a series of directories that are not set-group-id.  Which means
files will be created using the group of the acount creating them
rather than the project directory.  But since I know nothing about how
this side of things are organized I am hesitant to just go changing
things blindly.

Do you know how those files are organized?  Can you educate me on it? :-)

> Would you be able to change permissions in audio-video/ so that all the
> files are writable by the audio-video group?

I am hesitant to do so because for example luca is not in the
audio-video group and therefore this would have an impact on luca's

Could you be more specific about what directories of files you wish to
have chgrp'd to audio-video?  I would feel more comfortable doing so
if I could tell that this wouldn't be a problem for others if it is

> Another oddity is that the audio-video CVS repo doesn't contain current
> versions of the web pages. I tried to update one of them, but the change
> never appeared online. Is this repo still operational?
> It would be nice to track the old versions with CVS, rather than keeping
> them in /srv/audio-video/ under a different name, as is the case right now.

I have no idea.  Never looked at it before.  Are you talking about the
CVS repository here:


It looks like the latter one isn't getting updated.  That uses the
same update mechanism on as the other projects.  Which is
to say the Rube Goldberg trigger to cause the web server to update.
We don't have access to that end.  Have to ask the FSF admins to look
at it.  Lisa has worked on that recently and should be able to kick
it.  Sometimes processes get stuck there.

The former at is newer.  But it confuses me since
it is newer than the CVS source.  The CVS/Root shows:
And so I don't understand how updates are triggered there.  But the
file appears to be newer than the CVS.

At the same time I am seeing non-CVS ad-hoc backups.

-rw-r--r--  1 oitofelix audio-video  10473 Nov  4  2015 index.html
-rw-rw-r--  1 luca      audio-video   7368 Aug 20  2014 index.html.2015-11-04
-rw-rw-r--  1 luca      audio-video   2876 Oct 27  2010 index.html.old
-rw-rw-r--  1 luca      audio-video   7373 Aug 20  2014 index.html.sed-backup

That leads me to believe those files are not using CVS but are being
edited in place.

The hands here are happy to do but I fear that things are not set up
for obvious help to be applied.  Anyone have more information on this?


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