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Re: [Savannah-hackers-public] Permission issue in the audio-video direct

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: [Savannah-hackers-public] Permission issue in the audio-video directory
Date: Wed, 8 Jun 2016 21:21:51 -0600
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Karl Berry wrote:
>     Very frustrating for a cleaning lady.  :)
> I understand, being the janitorial type too :).

Yes!  But I feel better about things now.  We are regaining a lot of
the knowledge that had once been known but had been lost with people
retiring from the project.  We might not be able to build a Saturn V
rocket again right now but we could if we put our mind to regaining
the ability to do it.  This isn't rocket science.  But otherwise it is
somewhat like that. :-)

>     oitofeliz, luca, dskfw and atticusrex (Zak) are members of svusers
> Indeed, Luca explicitly asked us to make him a shell account
> specifically so he could do audio-video stuff.  Pity none of us realized
> that changing group permissions was all that was really needed.

With the discussion from the three of you I feel I much better
understand what is going on.  That makes me confident enough to go
forward and make some sweeping changes.  I didn't want to do it cold
without that information.  It would feel too much like a rogue
action.  But with the discussion it makes me confident enough to do it.

>     I still think it wouldn't harm to set the group of all directories
>     to audio-video.
> It seems that has been done.  Let us know if that part still looks broken?

I hadn't actually changed anything yet but I will fix all of the group
ownership and permissions.  Plus I will add luca to the audio-video
group.  That seems to have been one of the missing ingredients before.

>     >
>     > Or?
>     >
> We can conceivably try to "trigger" an update, but it seems like it
> would be nice to understand what the intended setup is.  E.g., does the
> former use the cvs files from the latter?

Collecting all of the input I see this:


  Source (now apparently out of date) is at:
  Has a CVS loginfo hook that runs:
    ALL echo 'Triggering webpages update...'; cat > /dev/null; curl -s -F type=gnu -F 
project=`basename %r`
  That's the same update hook as the other software projects.  If that
  isn't updating then something is probably stuck on the
  of things and will need Lisa to look at it there.  I will ask her to
  do this.


  Source is the raw files at /srv/audio-video plain.  The files there
  have RCS tags in them that indicate the file is newer than the CVS.
  These probably started out in sync but have diverged.  It would be
  nice to get them back in sync again.  But perhaps nicer to only have
  one set and have one redirect to the other.

> You or one of us could take a look at fencepost:/srv/data/www-config and
> ../www-mirror, which should be copies of the real web server setup and
> the files on it (respectively), which might garner some info.
> Unfortunately I cannot look right now.

I don't have permissions to look there.

  address@hidden:~$ ll -d /srv/data/www-config
  drwxrwx--- 10 karl ftpmirror 4096 May 29  2015 /srv/data/www-config/

I will go find, chgrp, chown, chmod the files and get luca set up in
the group and then everything should be good.  But I need to work on
something different for about an hour first so this will happen a
little later tonight.


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