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[Savannah-hackers-public] Updating GNU contact information in Savannah's

From: Assaf Gordon
Subject: [Savannah-hackers-public] Updating GNU contact information in Savannah's wiki
Date: Wed, 22 Jun 2016 19:40:14 -0400

Hello Karl,

Thanks for the tip regarding who to contact in gnu 
Time to refresh my memory regarding the gnu contacts :)
I'd like to add a "GNU" section to our "Not Savannah" wiki page ( ).

Can you advise on the text below ?

- assaf

GNU Project and Official GNU Packages

Savannah administrators can help with technical matters (e.g. git access, 
website problems),
but not with official gnu-related matters (e.g. approving a new GNU project, 
project's status from gnu to nongnu or vise-versa, or dealing with FSF 
copyright assignments).

Use the following for GNU-related matters:

* <address@hidden> - Adding/removing co-maintainers, stepping down as 
 changing project status (gnu->nongnu), and other general questions.
 Relevant reading:
 [GNU Maintainers guide](,
 [Tips for new 

* <address@hidden> - For questions about GNU maintenance. This mailing list is 
 by several experienced GNU members who can provide help and guidance.

* <address@hidden> - The [GNU Advisory 
 The committee helps with coordination within the GNU project, and serves as an 
initial contact point
 for issues concerning the whole project, both internally and externally.

* <address@hidden> - The [GNU Software 
Evaluation]( team.
 The team evalutes new software that are submitted to the GNU project.
 If you wish to offer to the GNU project, please follow the guidelines in
 [GNU Software Evaluation](
 Savannah administrators can create nongnu projects.
 To create an official GNU project on savannah, please write to address@hidden 
 * <address@hidden> - For copyright assignments of FSF-copyrighted GNU programs.
 See <>.

For more information and more GNU contacts, see [Contacting the GNU 

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