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Re: [Savannah-hackers-public] mismatching licenses in list on Savannah (

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: [Savannah-hackers-public] mismatching licenses in list on Savannah (hashes.txt)
Date: Sat, 10 Sep 2016 22:18:03 -0600
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Assaf Gordon wrote:
> My understanding is this:
> The file used in the real website is
>      frontend:/etc/savane/content/gnu-content/hashes.txt
> That is, if that file changes, the list of license shown on the website will 
> change.

I think so too.  The live files are in /etc/savane.

> The file above which 'git status' complained about is:
>   frontend:/usr/src/savane/etc/site-specific-content/hashes.txt
> This file is not used directly in the website, i.e. changing it won't affect 
> the licenses shown.
> This file is only used as a baseline for new savane installation, and it is 
> installed with this (more or less):


> The file in '/usr/src/savane' was modified few times in our (Karl,
> mine) attempts at figuring out what was going it (kind of "on the
> job training" for me here :) ).  But that is just a side-effect.

I assumed as much.  But let's fix it.

> it could go either way:
> If we check in the changes (or better yet, copy
> '/etc/savane/content/gnu-content/hashes.txt' to
> '/usr/src/savane/etc/site-specific-content/hashes.txt' and then
> check-in) - then the updated list of licenses will be the new
> default for future savane installations.

Sounds good.

> If we revert the changes, the list of default licenses stays as it
> was, without 'apache2' or other licenses that were added later.

Well...  That doesn't move the project forward.

Let's copy the current file from /etc and check it in as you suggested

> But, this raises a related issue:

> The files in '/etc/savane/' are supposed to be site-specific
> customization, on top of the regular 'savane' repository.  On
> 'frontend', I see at there are 'CVS' directories there
> (e.g. /etc/savane/content/CVS).  I thus assume that the
> site-specific customization on savage were also tracked in their on
> local repository (by Karl?).  Perhaps this CVS repository should be
> updated as well with the new license list (my CVS-fu is too lacking
> to do it reliably).

Good catch!

  frontend:/etc/savane/content# cvs -qn up
  ? gnu-content/hashes.agn.txt
  ? gnu-content/hashes.agn.txt.NEW
  ? gnu-content/hashes.apache2-2016-09-06.txt
  ? gnu-content/hashes.frontend0.txt
  ? gnu-content/hashes.txt.2016-09-06
  ? gnu-content/hashes.txt.ORIG
  ? gnu-content/hashes.txt.apache2
  M gnu-content/hashes.txt

But if those lower directories are in CVS, why isn't /etc/savane in
CVS?  That seems inconsistent to me.  Why not /etc/savane too?

Those are mostly extra files but of course hashes.txt should be
checked in.

> Also, perhaps it would be useful to create a repository for '/etc/savane' on 
> 'frontend0' ?
> (I would personally prefer git for that, but of course others are possible as 
> well).
> This is on-top of etckeeper tracking all of 'frontend0:/etc' ,
> because I could imagine legitimate cases when we want to share the
> site-specific customization repository with others, but not all of
> '/etc'.

I am happy if you want to check in /etc/savane separately from

In the meantime I reverted the changes so that /usr/src/savane is
clean.  I think the copy from /etc/savane should be copied in and the
source updated.  I think someone who did the work though should check
it in though.


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