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[Savannah-hackers-public] savannah's git repository updates

From: Assaf Gordon
Subject: [Savannah-hackers-public] savannah's git repository updates
Date: Sun, 12 Feb 2017 00:21:28 +0000
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We are far enough into the migration, so I've updated
the master branch of savannah's git repository to
the latest revision (the ones that runs on frontend0):

Previously these commits were on separate branches (nextgen and sv-test-2017-02-1).

I've ensured that the latest 'master' revision is
used on all servers (frontend0,vcs0,mgt0,download0)
in /opt/savannah/savane .

Note that the /opt/savannah/savane repostiory is cloned from the read
only URL git:// .

it is expected that we make modifications elsewhere
(e.g. a local copy), then push, then pull updates
on the servers.
Whether we'll be able to actually do it remains to be seen :)

I understand that the nature of many savannah volunteers
means sometimes changes are "quick and dirty".
If someone does make emergency changes directly
to the PHP files on frontend0:/opt/savannah/savane/frontend/php ,
please at least send a message to address@hidden,
and we'll import the changes post-hoc.

This also means that in the (very unlikely) event
of having to roll-back to the old 'frontend',
we should *not* pull the latest changes. They won't
work cleanly on the old machine.


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