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Re: [Savannah-hackers-public] Aim to be a real free software engineer

From: Joël Krähemann
Subject: Re: [Savannah-hackers-public] Aim to be a real free software engineer
Date: Thu, 4 Feb 2021 00:16:19 +0000


I think you have good intentions.

What stops you from contributing? And what are your

I am always looking for some help with GSequencer.

Things really need to be done for almost every project:

* documentation
* translation
* functional integration tests

Or just benefiting from providing feedback or reviews.

And for sure spread the word!


On Thu, Jan 28, 2021 at 3:18 PM Aisuko LI <> wrote:
> To Whom It May Concern:
> My name is Aisuko and the real name is BowenLi, I'm a open-source software
> engineer. And I read a few blogs on And I believe that people
> should know the operator system name should be `GNU/Linux`, and I have to
> consider my motivation. Why do I want to be an open source projects
> contributor? and are modern open source projects really for freedom?
> So, I want to be a geek, although the way is difficult and boring. But I'm
> a really boring guy too.And I keep trying to find the lightweight operating
> systems.
> About my experiences, I'm working on many open-source projects, including
> my Gihtub address. I have little development
> experience on rancherOS(python, golang) due to my job, and am familiar with
> community management and project maintenance, remote collaboration is easy
> to me. And the development experiences much more on python, golang, C#,
> industry in Cloud-native like Docker,Kubernetes and Service-mesh.
> Finally, I'm going back to the college school this year, and I'd like to
> write more articles to spread out  GNU/Linux and freedom software.
> Sincerely
> *Aisuko*

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