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Re: [Savannah-hackers-public] Allowing git repos to automatically push t

From: Daniel Katz
Subject: Re: [Savannah-hackers-public] Allowing git repos to automatically push to$PROJECT
Date: Mon, 26 Jul 2021 15:55:51 -0400
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Hi Bob,

Thank you for all the emails and tips!

I've created a sv account (with ssh and gpg) and submitted a new project
request. My user name is daniel_k and the project's short name is
fsftest. Please enable the project.

Right now, most of the work for enabling git and other non-CVS web
updates is done on the side of things so I want to have a repo
on Savannah to do further testing and development.

On 7/23/21 7:32 PM, Bob Proulx wrote:
> Hi Daniel,
> Daniel Katz wrote:
>> I'm currently a FSF tech intern.
> I don't see an account for you on Savannah.  Please register an
> account on Savannah.  Then please upload both an ssh rsa key and a gpg
> key.
> At this moment please use either an ssh rsa key or both an ssh rsa key
> *and* an ssh ed25519 key.  Not everything fully supports ed25519 yet.
>> My next project is likely going to be allowing the sub pages of
>> to be updated from a Git repo. Savannah has
>> for this functionality right now, but only
>> from CVS based repos. How would Savannah maintainers set up
>> something similar for Git?
> I would start by adding a selectable feature to the web UI.  It should
> allow selecting from the available list of supported version control
> systems to include cvs, git, hg, svn.  The associated database table
> will need to be altered to hold this new data.
> Then the processes that create repositories will need to be updated to
> recognize this new data field and to create the appropriate new
> repository based upon the selection.
> Then the process that configures the hook scripts will need to be
> updated for the same so that the hook scripts are updated
> appropriately to communicate to wildebeest's receiving end to update
> from the correct vcs system.
>> I was thinking something similar to
>> what's in place for CVS (, or each GNU
>> project having a second repo with /web appended to the name where
>> the files would be kept.
> I worry about namespaces.  There might be (I didn't look and don't
> know) projects with a web sub project already.  Or there might be a
> project with such in the future.  This seems to be eating part of the
> namespace that would be better to not consume.
> But perhaps this could be just another selectable feature.  Then it
> could either be namespaced inside the project's git namespace.  Or it
> could be separate from it.  For git there is that choice.
> For the other version control systems there isn't the concept of a
> sub-repository.  Therefore it will need to be available in a separate
> namespace for them.
> [[ I somewhat recall that we worked through the details for hg sometime
> back but would need to find the communications on it in order to
> refresh my memory of the state of things there.  I don't use hg myself
> and therefore don't really know how to drive it. ]]
> Bob

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