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[Savannah-hackers] Re: Write access needed

From: Mathieu Roy
Subject: [Savannah-hackers] Re: Write access needed
Date: 07 Sep 2002 10:03:47 +0200
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Richard Stallman <address@hidden> said:

>     Sorry for the delay, I wasnt here for almost a week.
> Are you the only person who handles requests on savannah-hackers?
> That is not good--we need more people to do this.

We are actually three. Me, Loic Dachary and Jaime Villate. But
sometime every three of us are busy. 

We try to handle fastly urging and important request.

Requests like yours are generally done in a relatively short delay but
cannot be considered as top priority requests since any of the gnu emacs
admin can do it.

For instance
Robert J. Chassell  bob  bob AT rattlesnake DOT com
Eli Zaretskii  eliz  eliz AT is DOT elta DOT co DOT il
Gerd Moellmann  gerd  gerd AT gnu DOT org
and you can add developers to the emacs developers list.

We prefer let people manage their users by themselves. It makes more
sense that someone who is admin of a project do administration task
for his project.

On the page
You can freely add developers as long you are logged in as admin.
(there is an "add user" field at the bottom of the box "Group
If none of the persons registered in project emacs can handle this,
maybe you could ask another trusted developer of emacs to do it ? In
this way, you'll surely have better delays. 

Savannah works in this way since many month. I received many more
positive echo than negative ones. But unsatisfied ones speaks
loud. The savannah service is not perfect but the satisfaction of
users depend a lot of themselves too, on how they ask help.
If someone post a request describing his problem, copying/paste error
message, saying he followed instruction in the FAQ, we can help him
But sometimes, people post messages that lead to think: they do not know
what they want to do, they do not know what they normally should be
able to do, they do not read the FAQ or the short help on the web
In this case, I personally ask for more details before spend more
time. And some people feel uncomfortable with this. They may think
it's a due that we spend time to check every setting for every user
anytime a user have problem. 
But it's not. And it will probably never be technically possible,
considering the increasing number of users. That's why we wrote FAQ
and help notes.
While you have 15 request, you cannot spend your time to check
everything for each 15 projects and request. 
If users check their configuration, it's easier for us to understand the
problem. And in many case, reading faq permit user to fix the problem
by himself.
We used to have every week request about SSH connection. Now, with the
FAQ entries about it, there are only very few request about

So, when I receive
"When I try ssh -1 or ssh -2, I get failure. 
When I try telnet.krb5, I get failure (see the following).
When I try to log in on the web site, I get failure.
All three of these should work; none of them does.
Further problems:
When I mail cvs-hackers, I get no response.
When I mail savannah-hackers, I get no response.", 

I wonder if user have read the FAQ. Using ssh -2 is clearly wrong
since we explicitely ask user to use -1.
He said it does not work, but what is the error message? Does he read
the FAQ?
And what does he try to do? Does he try to use SSH? Does he try to log
in subversions have a normal user, thing not allowed to normal
savannah user. If so, why?
He say he cannot log in on the web site, but "I get failure" does not
describe the problem.
He said he does not get response when he mail savannah-hackers but
this list is archived and this mail is it's very first mail on this

This rude and angry fellow is unsatisfied. He though we should check
every settings about him. He though wrong: we do not write FAQ and
help just for the fun. And we are three, not twenty-five.

The only unusual recent changes is the fact that Jaime was on vacation, I
moved to a new flat the last week and Loic is busy to a another
project important to him.


Mathieu Roy
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