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[Savannah-hackers] bug in Anon CVS how to

From: Robert J. Chassell
Subject: [Savannah-hackers] bug in Anon CVS how to
Date: Thu, 19 Sep 2002 18:59:53 +0000 (UTC)

Each CVS Introduction page contains instructions for Anonymous CVS
access.  But the instructions contain a bug, at least as tested with a
two accounts that are not mine.

The `login' requires there be a `~/.cvspass' file.  This is not
mentioned in the Introduction page documentation.

I had to write instructions for my announcement; so here are similar
instructions, except that instead of talking about my project, these
instructions talk about a project called `foo'.

This Texinfo file formats without reported error for HTML, Info, plain
text, DVI, and PostScript.  I indexed the steps as `Anon CVS Set Up',
`Anon CVS Download', and so on, since I figure you will probably
include this in the CVS Introduction page file and the index entries
should tell people what they are about.

\input texinfo.tex                     @c -*-texinfo-*-
@comment %**start of header
@settitle Anonymous CVS
@comment %**end of header

 ## Summary of shell commands to create various output formats:

    ## Info output
    makeinfo --force --fill-column=70 --no-split --paragraph-indent=0 \
    --verbose anon-cvs.texi

    ## HTML output
    makeinfo --no-split --html --verbose anon-cvs.texi

    ## DVI output
    texi2dvi anon-cvs.texi

    ## Create PostScript from DVI
    dvi2ps anon-cvs.dvi >

    ## Plain text output
    makeinfo --fill-column=70 --no-split --paragraph-indent=0 \
    --verbose --no-headers --output=anon-cvs.txt  \

@end ignore

@node Top, Anonymous CVS, (dir), (dir)
@top Anonymous CVS
@end ifnottex

* Anonymous CVS::
* Index::
@end menu

@node Anonymous CVS, Index, Top, Top
@chapter Anonymous CVS
@cindex CVS, anonymous

Assume that the files are in CVS in a directory called @file{foo/}.

* set up::
* download::
* update::
@end menu

@node set up, download, Anonymous CVS, Anonymous CVS
@section Set Up
@cindex Anon CVS Set Up

You only need to set up for anonymous CVS once.  After the first time,
you simply update your local repository from the remote repositiory.

I found that when I used the `guest' account in which I tested these
commands, CVS needed a `~/.cvspass' file, so I created one using the
`touch' command.

@need 1000
In a shell, run these commands:

cd <to-directory-above-the-intended-foo-directory>

touch ~/.cvspass
cvs login
@end group
@end smallexample

When prompted for a password for anonymous CVS , press the Enter
key (i.e., press the @kbd{RET} key).

@node download, update, set up, Anonymous CVS
@section Download
@cindex Anon CVS Download

Download all the files in the remote @file{foo/} directory and put
them into a @file{foo/} directory that is created on your machine.

@need 1000
In a shell, run this command:

cvs -z3 co foo
@end smallexample

This downloads all the files into a @file{foo/} directory.

@need 1000
If you just want one of the files, such as the Texinfo source
file for the documentation, run this command:

cvs -z3 \
    co foo/foo.texi
@end group
@end smallexample

You only need to `check out' the files once.  (The @samp{co} argument
to @sc{cvs} stands for `check out'.)  After you have checked out the
files you can update them with an update command.

@node update,  , download, Anonymous CVS
@section Update
@cindex Anon CVS Update

Finally, to update your local repository, so it becomes synchronized
with the Savannah CVS repository, change your directory to your
@file{foo/} directory and run @code{cvs update} with the appropriate

@need 1000
In a shell, run these commands:

cd foo
cvs -f -z6 update
@end group
@end smallexample

cd foo
cvs -f -z6 update
@end group
@end smallexample

Changes in the sources may lead to some directories being abandoned
and new ones created.

You can remove or `prune' empty directories with the @samp{-P} option.
You can create new directories on your local site to match new
directories in the remote repository with the @samp{-d} option.

@need 1000
Hence, to deal with vanished or new directories, run your update
command like this:

cvs -P -d -f -z6 update
@end smallexample

@node Index,  , Anonymous CVS, Top
@unnumbered Index

@end ignore

@printindex cp


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