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Re: [Savannah-hackers] submission of gorath machine -

From: Matej Kosik
Subject: Re: [Savannah-hackers] submission of gorath machine -
Date: Thu, 19 Sep 2002 23:22:15 +0200
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Loic Dachary wrote:

Could you please submit your project again with a detailed technical description ? Half a page will do.

        Thanks in advance,


I did so (hope you will be content)

When reregistering, I change the name of the project from:



(I like the letter more - I hope there will be no problem
 with it in this stage)

thank you

address@hidden writes:
 > A package was submitted to
 > This mail was sent to address@hidden, address@hidden
> > > Matej Kosik <address@hidden> described the package as follows:
 > License: gpl
> Other License: > Package: gorath machine
 > System name: gorma
 > Type: GNU
> > Description:
 > The aim of my project is to design (write some papers
 > about it) and simulate a new kind of computer architecture.
 > This architecture will (hopefully) enable effectively
 > run Actors based operating system and software above it.
> > This (hardware) architecture will differ from
 > the other in the following ways:
> > - it will support the idea of running each actor on its own
 >   processor.
 > - (the processors will be minimalistic)
 > - the processors will support single address space (maily
 >   by using `capabilities\' instead of raw numbers to reference
 >   the parts of the memory
 > - it should be possible to have persistent world of actors
> > (its difficult by interesting enough to spent a time with it) > > Other Software Required:
 > perhaps `gtlog\' (unfinished and not part of the GNU project yet)
> > Other Comments:
 > Ideas on which this project will stand arose from my discussions
 > with `Michal Kostal <address@hidden>\' and other people.

Matej Kosik

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