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[Savannah-hackers] Re: submission of Zoomable Visual Transformation Mach

From: Mathieu Roy
Subject: [Savannah-hackers] Re: submission of Zoomable Visual Transformation Machine -
Date: 23 Sep 2002 18:14:15 +0200
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> Well, I cannot test XVTM under kaffe, as I don\'t have access to a Linux or 
> non-win32 box right now (and I won\'t for the next 3 months). But I suspect 
> that the library will not run on Kaffe, or if it does will run badly as it 
> makes extensive use of java2D and of the latest packages from SUN like 
> ImageIO, or the full-screen exclusive mode, and as it needs an efficient VM.
> Does this prevent me from putting XVTM on Savannah? I mean, the other VMs 
> such as IBM\'s or SUN\'s are free, and I think they are open-source too. Am I 
> wrong?

If you means that IBM and SUN JVM are free as beer, I think you are
right. But if we speak about freedom, I think you are wrong (but I can
be wrong, I just refers to 

Apparently your project requires proprietary software and cannot be
hosted on Savannah for this reason.

Savannah is willing to provide resources and time to
developers writing Free Software that can be used
without the need to ask for permission to a proprietary
software vendor. 

If, someday, you get free of those dependencies (see for more informations),
do not hesitate to resubmit your project.

        Thanks for your understanding,

Mathieu Roy
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