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[Savannah-hackers] submission of The Enki Document Server -

From: savannah . gnu . org
Subject: [Savannah-hackers] submission of The Enki Document Server -
Date: Thu, 05 Jun 2003 10:17:42 -0400
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A package was submitted to
This mail was sent to address@hidden, address@hidden

Aaron D. Ball <address@hidden> described the package as follows:
License: gpl
Other License: 
Package: The Enki Document Server
System name: enki
Type: non-GNU

The software is currently just a simple web server, responding in HTTP/1.1 to 
GET and HEAD requests for static documents.  In the future, it will permit 
authorized users to introduce new documents (optionally relating them to 
existing documents), offer interfaces via other protocols (particularly SMTP 
and IMAP), and generally unite the essentially similar functions of weblogs, 
mailing lists, Usenet, web pages with comment facilities, and other forms of 
threaded communication.

The software is written in Ruby, which provides powerful programming 
abstractions and standard libraries that together make it possible to write 
code that is both compact and legible.  I believe that this, combined with 
careful modularization and delegation to the host operating system, will lead 
to software that is unusually maintainable, reliable, and secure.

is a tiny web site running the current version of the software, whose source 
code is at

for the time being.  The COPYING file at the root of the tarball contains a 
copy of version 2 of the GPL, and each source code file begins with a line 
referring to that file.

Other Software Required:
The software is written in Ruby and relies on Ruby\\\'s rich set of standard 
libraries, which are licensed as described at

which explicitly permits licensing either under the GPL or under a different 
free software license specific to Ruby.  At present, I do not anticipate adding 
further third-party libraries;  my intention is to keep the software simple 
when I can, but create my own complexity when I must.

Other Comments:

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