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[Savannah-hackers] submission of Eyes Wide Open -

From: deflau_g
Subject: [Savannah-hackers] submission of Eyes Wide Open -
Date: Mon, 23 Jun 2003 05:31:14 -0400
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A package was submitted to
This mail was sent to address@hidden, address@hidden

Deflaux Guillaume <address@hidden> described the package as follows:
License: gpl
Other License: 
Package: Eyes Wide Open
System name: ewo
Type: non-GNU

The project I want to submit is called EWO : Eyes Wide Open. It's a 3D User 
Interface (3D GUI). It will not be an X11 Window Manager. The purpose of this 
project is to provide an original user interface.
EWO will allow the usage of all the "classic" application such as net brower, 
shells... within the 3D evironement. This will be done thanks to a VNC client 
that will be specialy developped for this project. The purpose of this client 
is to convert the screenshots that produces a VNC server into textures. Theses 
textures will be mapped into the 3D environement. The 3D environement will be 
rendered with Opengl and SDL.
A plugin system will allow the use of simple "3D applications" such as mp3 
player of file browers. These application will be fully integrated to the 3D 
environement to make it more functional. The 3D objects used will be imported 
thanks to ASE file formats. Bison and Flex will provide the parser for such 
EWO will be developed in C++. 
The environement will be a cube (for now). Each inner face of the cube will 
allow the use of an application. The volume of the cube will contain of the "3D 
applications" floating in the air.
We will also produce some documentation.
For now we don't have any url with the project code. But it's comming...

Other Software Required:
Opengl 1.2
SDL 1.2
Bison 1.8.x / Flex 2.5.x
g++ 3.2
RealVNC Server 3.3.7

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