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[Savannah-hackers] "Tim Hayes" <address@hidden>

From: Mathieu Roy
Subject: [Savannah-hackers] "Tim Hayes" <address@hidden>
Date: 27 Jun 2003 22:27:19 +0200
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Hi David,

* In may, Tim Hayes asked you (David Sugar) to remove some parts of a
message sent to the GNU Bayonne public mailing-list in February 

Tim Hayes is unhappy because in the mail he sent by himself show up the
following line:
It looks like an header line but it's not, it's included in the
message content. We do not show full headers at or  

When looking for veebox via google, the message can be found. That the
problem for Tim Hayes.

* In may, you forwarded this removal request to the public mailing-list
<address@hidden>, in this mail

* I replied:

        "1) We have to make sure that automated tools do not provide
        confidential information, as revealing some mail headers. We
        cannot spend time to edit archives when someone provided
        information he does not want to provide at first by himself.

        And I do not think someone should accept to handle this
        request until he promises he will handle any more request of
        this kind in the future. 

        2) This issue seems irrelevant to me. I believe that no one at
        savannah-hackers have time to check every confusion google
        (and any other search tools) can creates.

        I absolutely do not understand how it can be a serious threat
        to this company, I do not understand how it can
        cause "a lot of confusion and complaints".  

        Google found 8 entries for veebox. The mailman archive is the
        third one. If is not happy with it,
        have to browse to understand
        how google works. 

        There's only 3 times "veebox" in this page. If google shows it
        in third position, it only shows how bad is the registration
        of the veebox official website.

        If you search for "rms" in google, you'll find
        Do you think that the "Royal Microscopical Society" should
        blame him for that?
        Google does not guarantee an accurate result in any
        case. People have to understand how to read results of a
        statistical research. If they can't it's sad but it's their
        problem first. 

        3) As my job is studying history, I'm naturally against
        alteration of archives. But indeed, even alteration of
        archives speaks a lot in a historic perspective.

        (I only speak for myself, obviously)"

My reply means that I do not think this request acceptable. 

End for the story?

* I want to let you know that Tim Hayes <address@hidden> threatened
me today about the mail you sent to savannah-hackers in may. He
told that I published his mail while I did not. You did, David, I only
replied, including your mail in my reply.

While you were surely right (and forced to) to forward his request, in
fact, to avoid any issue with this person, you should have replied him
to resent his mail to the savannah hackers mailing-list by himself.

He also threatened a University of Canada (Laval, qc) because he was
apparently sure to catch me there (too bad) and have a good faith in
his accusation.

I do not give a toss about his accusation while obviously he's not
even capable to understand that I haven't done what he said and his
conception of "confidentiality" have no legal basis, at least in

But I think important for you to know how behave this person - and
note that he may try to accuse you too.

Mathieu Roy
  Not a native english speaker:

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