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[Savannah-hackers] Re: World Unfication, you asked for it.

From: Rudy Gevaert
Subject: [Savannah-hackers] Re: World Unfication, you asked for it.
Date: Sun, 29 Jun 2003 17:04:04 -0400
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You asked for my comments, please read on.

On Sun, Jun 29, 2003 at 11:37:31AM -0700, kai mansberger wrote:
> Hi there!!!
> Great another person who has joined the movement for
> world peace!!!.

I didn't join your movement for world peace.

> I got your email off a guest book you must of signed.

No you didn't.  You got my mail address because I replied to a message
you sent to a mailinglist.  I didn't ask for another mail from you.

> Anyway, there are many hackers and activists 
> who are joining under the phrase "World Unification is World Peace."

I do wonder if this is true.

> NOBODY is saying what law we should live under or how
> a centralised global government or more precisely a World Council would work.

Of course nobody is saying that, this is because it isn't a feasible
idea.  Do you know a centralised government is also often referred to
as "communism"?

> Do you like the idea of a World Council? Instead of single person
> leadership, aka Bush, Blair and all the wackos who run the place.

Who says that Bush and Blair are runnnig the world?  Yes, Bush has a
to big influence but not all countries just obey him.

> We are not anarchists and want to do this as peacefully as possible,
> (direct and effective action considered essential)
> but basically we believe the world should be a free place without
> borders and seperate nations opposing each other.

What are you then if you aren't anarchists.  You do know that
anarchists wan't to achieve the opposite of what you want to achieve?
They want to let everbody live in small settlements.

> The easiest way to do this is to unite people under ONE flag (a new one
> of course). In this new nation of Earth people will have (the existing 
> countries will becoming regions)
> the same rights and abide by the same laws the world over.
> We will all be citizens of Earth!!! 
> I've met with some who do International relations and they
> all say that the planet becoming one country is very feasable 
> and perhaps the only way we can assure lasting peace and
> end the billions upon billions that are spent on military projects
> around the world. And of course this money could be spent
> to fight poverty.
> If this planet has a future I strongly believe that World Unfication
> is the way forward, seeing as each new generation yields 
> people who have mixed nationality. I myself am British American
> and know many people who have duel nationality, plus my girlfriend
> is from Japan. 
> "World Unfication is World Peace" is becoming very popular
> in Japan, as it may be the only way to rid the world of nuclear
> weapons and is of course something they are very much against.

If every new generation get's more mixed, doesn't this imply that we
are going to be more "unified" with each other.  I also don't see how
this "World Unfication" will get rid of nuclear weapons.  In stead of
countries attacking each other you will have regions attack each

> This is not about conquering the world like Hilter, but uniting it.
> Together we will be stronger and surely this new age will create a
> society better able to reach for the stars and explore space.
> As is dreamed of in many sci-fi stories.

We are already exploring space.  Also what does Hitler have to do with
> So if you agree with us, please do all you can to bring 
> the message of "world unification is world peace" to those around you.
> What ever you want to, emails, website, bumperstickers, t-shirts whatever.
> Here in Oxford we make stencils and spray paint our message
> on walls. 

I do not have time to take part in such actions.

So please don't send my any more actions about this subject.

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