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[Savannah-hackers] Press Release / Writing Contest / QVC

From: GiGi Audio Books
Subject: [Savannah-hackers] Press Release / Writing Contest / QVC
Date: Wed, 2 Jun 2004 07:03:56 -0700

Gail Anderson
(703) 669-9420
(877) 444-4633

GiGi Books LLC, a Children's Audio and Picture Book Publisher, Announces
2004 Children's Book Writing Contest.
Leesburg, Virginia, May 25, 2004 --  GiGi Books is looking for a few good
stories - and is willing to make them into audiobooks! The company
announces its 2004 Children's Book Writing Contest, where the grand prize
winner will walk away with a published story and $250. The story will be
adapted to audio as well.  Three additional winners will be chosen and
their books will also be published and adapted to audio.  Submissions must
be 400 words or less and received by August 1st, 2004.
"Our goal with this contest is to offer budding authors, both children and
adults, the opportunity to have their works published and promoted," stated
Gail Anderson, president of GiGi Books.   Additional details on the contest
can be found on the GiGi Books website,
GiGi Books help build reading skills, teach character-building values,
stimulate critical thinking and improve a child's auditory retention
skills.  Three of the GiGi Books audio stories, intended for ages 7 to 12,
and three of the audio with picture books, intended for ages 3 to 7, will
be featured on QVC in September 2004.
"I really enjoy listening to the stories with my kids while driving around
town," said customer Stacy Hockel of New Berlin, WI. "We laugh at the
characters and we have great discussions based upon the story lines.
Driving is much more fun!"  
Adds customer Becky Orcutt of Leesburg, VA, "We all know that our kids
shouldn't watch more than five hours of TV a week.  But what are the
alternatives?  GiGi Books has helped my kids cut down on their TV time.  My
daughter loves listening to them before she goes to bed at night."  

About GiGi Books
Founded in January of 2003, GiGi Books, LLC is a growing presence in the
children's audio and audio with picture book market.  GiGi Books takes a
fresh approach to the art of Storytelling.  They start with a new story or
re-create a children's classic story for audio, add a mix of exciting
characters, stimulating sound effects, music and weave them into a
thrilling audio adventure that will capture a child's attention.

About Gail Anderson and Rob Granlund
Gail Anderson (Gigi) is the brainchild and driver behind the concept of
GiGi Books.  After over 15 years of working in the corporate arena she has
taken her passion, children, and developed an exciting new business. She
was joined by Rob Granlund in December of 2003.  With over 15 years of
experience in the voice over industry, Rob is highly regarded as one of the
top voice over directors in his field.  His background, coupled with his
creativity, has been key in the development of quality GiGi Books audio
stories for children.

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