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RE: [Savannah-hackers] phpGW cvs is a little messed up

From: Elfyn McBratney
Subject: RE: [Savannah-hackers] phpGW cvs is a little messed up
Date: Thu, 3 Jun 2004 11:01:27 +0100 (BST)
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sigurdne said:
>>===== Original Message From Sylvain Beucler <address@hidden> ====>Hello,
>>Sigurd Nes wrote:
>>>> 3) I am not able to remove some remaining files in HEAD.
>>>> Please give me the path to such a file, so I can check for wrong
>>>> permissions.
>>> there is 167 files in different locations - here is one:
>>> /phpgroupware/property/pdf/class.ezpdf.php
>>I just removed that file using your account, so things seem to be fine.
>>I reset 'pdf' to what to it was before my change. The changed 'pdf' is
>>now pdf.old.
>>You should try to delete the file yourself to check for any
>>misconfiguration on your side.
>>Then, if you still want to, I will remove /cvsroot/phpgroupware/
>>property. Please mention full path so there is no confusion between
>>eg /cvsroot/phpgroupware/property and /cvsroot/phpgroupware/
>>phpgroupware/property (both exist).
> I still can’t remove the file – the response I get is:
> cvs server: failed to remove tag `HEAD' from `class.ezpdf.php'
> I added a directory (test) to  phpgroupware / property / pdf.old – ok
> But I was not allowed to add files to it
> Please remove both
> /cvsroot/phpgroupware/property
>  and
> /cvsroot/phpgroupware/phpgroupware/property
> I want to make a fresh start...
> Sigurd

Please disregard my last email on this.  I was being bone-headed..



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