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Re: [Savannah-hackers] Re: Help wanted (sysadmin work)

From: Yaroslav Klyukin
Subject: Re: [Savannah-hackers] Re: Help wanted (sysadmin work)
Date: Thu, 17 Jun 2004 13:53:17 -0400
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How much attention does the standaard "Linux" vendor give to Free
Sofware?  Do they even mention GNU?  No, they don't.  They don't have
the same ideals as we do.

We want a completely Free operating system, they don't.

Free as a freedom. So they are doing exactly what their freedom of choice gives them - they call it any name they want, they sell it.

Please note that I try to put myself on the place of those people to realise, what makes them do that, in order to find the root causes of the problem. So far I could not find any definite answer why asking people to rename their products, from the standpoint of freedom.

Nobody has replied to my e-mail where I made an example of car manufacturing. To continue this topic - Even if the car is made 90% of "Michelin" parts, in a "Toyota" factory, it is still called "Toyota", not "Michelin". Or, maybe a better example: Even if a laptop is made of Intel parts, it's not called "Intel", it's called "Dell".

True.  But there is nothing wrong with saying what we do: "Hey, go a
long use Free Software, but don't forget why you should use it".  It's

I don't see the link between remembering and naming.
Anybody, using GNU tools realises, that he is using GNU tools, such as compilers, for instance, and gives his credit for that.

a petty that we have to use more ways than that to get our message
understood.  E.g. by insisting they call it GNU/Linux in stead of
I think that insisting would be a better way, if there is no other effective way to persuade people. Phylosophy and spiritualism does not help much, because freedom gives people a choice of religion. So not only FSF evangelists are using GNU software.

Also, nobody replied about my suggestion to make a downladable copy of the GNU OS.

PS: As usually, no guarantee that any statements that I make are absolutely true and correct.

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