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[sr #110299] minor typo submits unfinished bug report

From: Dave
Subject: [sr #110299] minor typo submits unfinished bug report
Date: Mon, 5 Jul 2021 09:26:34 -0400 (EDT)
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Follow-up Comment #3, sr #110299 (project administration):

Hi Bob, thanks for the reply.

I'm not arguing against there being a keyboard method to submit a bug report. 
I'm arguing that the Summary field is a poor place for it.

* When tabbing through fields in order, the user gets to the Summary before
the Original Submission.  How common is it that someone wants to submit a
report with a populated Summary and a blank Original Submission?  Granted the
former is marked as mandatory and the latter is not, but I bet the cases where
the latter is intentionally left blank are exceedingly rare.
* There is no visible indication on the page that the Summary field is tied to
implicit submission.  The behavior is surprising not because users are
unfamiliar with implicit submission, but because that's such an illogical
place to put it that it ought to be clearly documented if that's where it is.

Implicit submission absolutely makes sense on, say, the front page of a search
engine, where there is one text field and the user invariably wants to submit
the data after typing it into that field.  I use that behavior all the time. 
But on a page with multiple fields the user needs to fill out, it makes little
sense to have implicit submission tied to a field in the middle of the page
that appears before other fields that will almost certainly need to be

A much more logical and intuitive place for keyboard-based submission is when
the user tabs down to the Submit button, which is after all the fields a user
might want to populate before submitting.


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