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Re: Please make a repo for the GNU C Manual

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: Please make a repo for the GNU C Manual
Date: Tue, 30 Aug 2022 22:36:39 -0400

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Thanks for the detailed instructions.  I am glad that you recovered
from Covid.

  > > I did that.  I will see if it works better.

  > I think not having ca-certificates installed is the root cause of this
  > problem with https certificates not being validated properly.  I think
  > and I hope that installing ca-certificates will resolve the problem.

  > But note that https is for anonymous read-only distribution.  For
  > member access, to be able to commit, it needs ssh protocol.

I connected with ssh, and that problem did not occur.

I decided not to publish the old versions.  Not ony would have
complicated matters, there is also the issue that they don't have

  > git setup

  > Have you set up git for yourself previously?

Yes, I use it on Emacs.

The one thing I still need is to know how to specify the name of the
principal branch.  I decided to wait for that info before committing

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