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[sr #110723] Broken git remote HEAD

From: CismonX
Subject: [sr #110723] Broken git remote HEAD
Date: Sat, 17 Sep 2022 03:23:47 -0400 (EDT)

Follow-up Comment #2, sr #110723 (project administration):

> I manually switched the git HEAD for you from "master" to
> "primary" for these two repositories.

It works.  Thank you for your support.

> This does not change the default branch.  It simply uploads
> an additional branch.

Yes, that's my fault.  I just found out by setting up a git ssh
server and doing some testing.

Many source code hosting sites have the behaviour of setting
the remote git repo's HEAD to the first branch it recieves,
but I should not be expecting all sites to behave like that.

> There have been many articles of documentation written recently
> about how to command git to change the default branch.

I did a little research on git, and yet to find a viable git-only
solution (without resorting to external API, or shell access to the
remote repo, with is not available on Savannah).

There are `git symbolic-ref' and `git remote set-head', but they
only work on the local repository, and there is no way to ask for
a remote to update its symbolic refs.

Some code hosting sites work around this by providing a `Change
Default Branch' option in their Web interface, which does the
`git symbolic-ref' stuff on the server side.  But I don't think
it's very beneficial to add this feature to Savannah, since it's
not an everyday task to change a repo's default branch.

> But this is simply standard git operation and standard
> git documentation is available for it.

I agree with you.

I prefer looking for solutions myself, before bothering anyone
with support tickets.  I only ask for help when I believe it's


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