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[Savannah-register-public] [task #10312] Submission of Self Placed Learn

From: Alex Fernandez
Subject: [Savannah-register-public] [task #10312] Submission of Self Placed Learning In a Networked Environment
Date: Sun, 04 Apr 2010 22:58:34 +0000
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Update of task #10312 (project administration):

                  Status:                    None => In Progress            
             Assigned to:                    None => alexfernandez          


Follow-up Comment #1:

Hi Kumar,

I am reviewing your submission as an aspiring administrator, so please excuse
any mistakes that I may make in the process.

There are a number of issues with your submission:
* In bin-debug/SplineIcons there are a few images that appear to be
* As to the rest of the icons and images, it is required that they are listed
(along with authors and applicable licenses) in the README file or elsewhere
in the documentation. This is the only way to make sure that they are legally
included in the package.
* You should add the GPL license header to all files beyond 10 lines, e.g.
bin-debug/SPLINE-app.xml or src/Audio/ Even if they are part of
the documentation.
* In docs/ you have included the documentation for a lot of adobe classes; I
am not sure that they should be there or that they serve any purpose. Am I
getting it right?
* Likewise for a lot of Adobe classes (e.g. src/com/adobe/utils/
which are included in the package. They are not licensed under the GPL or
another GNU-approved license, so I am not sure they should be there. Are they
necessary for this package?
* The readme.txt refers to something called "corelib ActionScript 3 Library",
not to Spline.
* Flex targets the proprietary Flash plugins, but the hosting requirements
<> make it necessary to
target a fully free platform. Therefore, could you test Spline against a free
Flash implementation? In order of preference they would be Gnash and swfdec.
They should be listed in the "dependencies" (along with Red5, also in that
* It should also be possible to compile and build Spline on a completely free
system (such as GNU/Linux). Is this at all possible?

Could you answer these questions and upload an updated tarball that corrects
all remaining issues, so we can proceed with the process? Thanks!


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