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[Savannah-register-public] [task #11408] Submission of Free Reservation

From: Mario Castelán Castro
Subject: [Savannah-register-public] [task #11408] Submission of Free Reservation System
Date: Wed, 12 Oct 2011 03:58:00 +0000
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Follow-up Comment #8, task #11408 (project administration):

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>> A business based on deprivation of user freedom is inmoral. We don't
>> want it to continue that way. His owner could switch to a business
>> model based on free software and benefit from other free alternatives
>> rather than complain of a "competence". 
> Wouldn't consequently all governments in the developed world that
> employ artifical scarcity be evil? [...]

My quoted paragraph regards free software.  I fail to see the relation
to the artifical scarcity or to all the governments.  That seems more
like an attempt of an straw man fallacy.

I'm not familiar with Expedia and I have no particular interest on it.
I can't tell if the business around it is inmoral.  Likewise I'm not
familiar with "roll your own foursquare".

Maybe you're confussing the problem of proprietary software with the
problem of software as a service.  You can find more information in

> I'd be glad to help as programmer and system administrator.  It
> could also be connected to Wikipedia and/or WikiTravel.

Sorry, I don't understand.  Help what?.

>> A reference to the ethics of open source as something to follow
>> backfires on our mission. Couldn't you please refer instead to the
>> free software philosophy (
> It would not make sense anymore.
> (The two references are of different type; my reference is a course.)

Likewise, it wouldn't make sense to promote the open source viewpoint
in a project supposed to advance free software.

> I could offer to change the comment of OTAConnector to "Left as en
> exercise to the reader" but as a maintainer I would recommend to
> anybody trying to submit the class to fork the project.  I would
> link to your philosophy but you do not seem to approve of the
> educational effects I'm trying to achieve.

That seems ok.  The promotion of the open source ethics is the issue.

> I didn't clearly state that OTAConnector is not required: It isn't.
> It is merely an alternative for accessing information through this
> specific protocol, which happens to be the industry standard.


> If your aim is to make the whole knowledge sector free then you
> probably should motivate people to make voluntary payments. [...]

The FSF accepts and encourages donations (

Asking for "payments" for using GNU software would have a negative
effect because it could misled users to think they consume a resource
by using software (The resource they would pay for), that's one of the
fallacies proprietary software is based on.  There is more information
Strictly speaking there can be no payment for *using* software because
there is nothing to pay for.

There can be a payments for developing software.  You can pay any
programmer who is willing to develop a package according to GNU good
practices and offer it to GNU
( or to work over an existing
GNU package and send the changes to the maintainer.

> Yes. That was my mistake and I will fix it. I had assumed my program
> had updated all headers and alerted me of all headers where that
> procedure had failed.


> I have tried to motivate that thought in the chapter on "Open source
> social responsibility" in
> : [...]

As you have presumably readed when registering the project and as I
have repeated in a previous message, GNU Savannah mission is to
advance free softwre.  We don't support open source.

> for instance with charitable license terms (e.g. as found in the
> Charity Software License,

I'm not familiar with such a license, but as far as I have readed it
seems a very good example of why we don't promote open source.

I'm glad to provide clarifications regarding the philosophy of the GNU
project but please bear in mind this tracker item is not meant as a
discussion place for our personal opinions.

I await you submit the updated tarball so I can approve the project if
there are no further issues and you can continue development or other

Regards and thanks in advance.
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