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[Savannah-register-public] [task #12519] Submission of MLV Library

From: Luis Felipe Lopez Acevedo
Subject: [Savannah-register-public] [task #12519] Submission of MLV Library
Date: Wed, 03 Apr 2013 16:32:07 +0000
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Update of task #12519 (project administration):

   Should be Finished on: dom 31 mar 2013 00:00:00 COT => lun 15 abr 2013
00:00:00 COT
                  Status:             In Progress => Wait reply             


Follow-up Comment #4:

Hello Adrien, sorry for the delay.

== Issues with image files ==

* examples/advanced/ub1.jpg

  I don't know what to do for that 2 files.
  They are University logos.
  I don't know the author of the image.
  I don't know if there is a licence for the 2 images.
  I think that it will be difficult to obtain all the missing informations.
  There is an alternative solution for that two files ?

For these images and any other image in you project, you have to provide a
copyright and license. These images, however, don't have to be free, but their
licenses must explicitly allow (at least) unlimited verbatim copying for both
commercial and non-commercial purposes.

You can add copyright and license notices for these images in a README file,
in the directory where the images are located.

== Issues with external libraries ==

* packaging/windows/cross-compilation/external_libraries/*

  The files present in that directory are not a part of
  the MLV Library.
  I use them to construct a chain of compilation for mingw-32.
  Are we obliged to add licences ?

If you won't be publishing these files in Savannah repositories once your
project is approved, you don't have to add the licenses. Otherwise, you will
have to check the use/redistribution terms for each of them and apply changes
to your project as necessary.

The following libraries, for example, don't seem to include appropriate
copyright and license notices according to their licenses:

├── libgcc_s_dw2-1.dll           (GPL 3 or later)
├──              (auto-generated file)
├──           (auto-generated file)
├── libstdc++-6.dll              (GPL 3 or later)
├──                   (auto-generated file)
├──   (GPL 3 or later)
├──   (LGPL 2 or later)
└──     (LGPL 2 or later)

If you are willing to make the changes mentioned above, please provide us with
a URL to an updated tarball of your project or attach it to this tracker. Upon
review, we will reconsider your project for inclusion in Savannah.

Should you have any other questions, do not hesitate to ask.



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