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[Savannah-register-public] [task #13340] Submission of Mediatex Electron

From: Nicolas Roche
Subject: [Savannah-register-public] [task #13340] Submission of Mediatex Electronic Records Management System
Date: Tue, 07 Oct 2014 12:07:16 +0000
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Follow-up Comment #2, task #13340 (project administration):

Hello Assaf,
Thank you very much helping me for submitting!

> First,
> You've mentioned interest in registering the project as "Official GNU
> You can certainly host a Free-Software project on GNU Savannah without it
being an official GNU package.

I will first register on GNU Savannah and check for Official GNU Softwaree
registration later as it should not be trivial in my case.

> Second,
> Regarding the non-free requirements (rar, Afio, getcgivar, e2fsck, etc.) - I
will have to consult more experienced people regarding this issue.
> If these are optional components and your project can work without them -
the better.

getcgivar and e2fsck are needed as part of the source code 
(if needed I will rewrite theses 2 small files but should be difficult to me
to definitively hide the original logic)
rar and Afio should be optional because they are only called by scripts, if
user data use theses formats.
(if needed I will comment the code calling them).

> Third,
> I have just few minor requests:
> The following files are longer than 20 lines, and it would be good to add
copyright and license statements to them.


> The following files are small-ish (between 10 and 20 lines). It would be
beneficial to add a copyright statement,
> and perhaps just a mention of the license (if you prefer not to add the
entire license).


> The following files use the term "Linux", when perhaps they refer to
"GNU/Linux" operating system and not the "Linux" Kernel.
> Please consider re-wording them (if applicable):


> Image files and other binary files:
> The project contains several PNG and FIG images, and also some other binary
> I assume you've created them all.
> If these don't have copyright and license information in the actual file,
> consider mentioning them in the README file (detailling who is the
auther/copyright holder and their license).

The FIG files are genearated using the xfig GUI, that's why I do not put
copyright into (but in fact I should).
The PNG files are generated from the FIG ones for the texinfo documentation
provided within the tarball (by "make dist" autoconf's query).
I thought this was needed (as flex/bisons output files for instances) but
maybe I'm wrong.

I do create all media files so I add 3 README files mentionning them:
- doc/mediatex-figures/README
- example/README
- useCases/README

Maybe I'm wrong as I do not mention the media files into the main README file.
Am I?

Please find the new release tarball here:



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