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[Savannah-register-public] [task #13382] Submission of APPLibresPruebaSA

From: Assaf Gordon
Subject: [Savannah-register-public] [task #13382] Submission of APPLibresPruebaSA
Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2014 21:31:37 +0000
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Follow-up Comment #3, task #13382 (project administration):

Hello Walter,

Thank you for the explanation.
It’s great to hear about such enterprises to contribute to Free Software.

There are many ways to contribute to Free Software projects and particularly
to projects hosted on GNU Savannah.
However, GNU Savannah is not an optimal service for experimental short-term
projects (such that will be abandoned when the university course is
One reason is that projects on GNU Savannah are never deleted - any piece of
code hosted on GNU Savannah must be kept available forever.
For such short-term projects, a different hosting server might be preferable.

If you (and your classmates) intend to start a long-term Free-Software
project, one that will be maintained and developed after the university course
is completed, then hosting it on GNU Savannah is a good idea.
But if these are experimental projects, with only stub code fragments, which
are used to learn how GNU Savannah works that - then this would not be

I’d recommend the following:

To learn about Free Software projects hosted on GNU Savannah - there’s a lot
to do and contribute without the need to create your own projects. Start by
looking for a project that interest you, and finding ways to contribute to
such project.

Few pointers:
list of GNU Projects:
Non GNU projects hosted on Savannah:
Non-exhuastive list of ‘help wanted’:
Helping the GNU projects:
High Priority projects:

A short tutorial about how to start helping a GNU project (written
specifically for GNU Coreutils, but relevant to most other GNU projects):

Most projects have a mailing list - you can write to the mailing list and ask
what is the best way to contribute.
For example, if you’re interested in helping the “FreeDink” role-playing
game, the GNU Savannah website lists the address of the FreeDink mailing list
(Despite the mailing list having ‘bug-‘ in its name, it can be used for
general queries).

If you are interested in hacking on GNU Savannah itself (i.e. the server code
behind a good place to start is here:
Or by writing to address@hidden .

If you have other ideas in mind, write to me at  ' address@hidden ‘ and I’m
certain we can find many opportunities that would interest you and would be
helpful for Free Software projects (for example, if you want to develop an
“ecplise” plugin that would help project submission for GNU Savannah - do
contact me).

If you are interested specifically in learning how to use code repositories
(e.g. GIT) for Free Software projects, and would like to create few
experimental repositories of your own - then currently GNU Savannah is not the
optimal place for that.
I would recommend using other servers, such as Gitorious ( ) or other similar services.
On those servers, you could create as many projects as you’d like, without
requiring any review or approval process (which is required on GNU Savannah).

Better yet - you could learn how to run such a server by yourself!
Few places to start would  be GitLabs ( ) or Gitolite
( ).
If you need with setting up such a server, contact me off-list.

If you and your classmates are interested in developing a long-term Free
Software projects, one that you plan maintain and develop and support, then
GNU Savannah is a good place to host it.
In this case, however, I would recommend to pool your resources together and
work on *one* project instead of submitting multiple duplicated projects.
That project would still need to comply with the GNU Savannah hosting
Which at the very least requires adding copyright and license statements to
your source code files.
Then, submit the new project for evaluation.
The submission should be made in English,
and information regarding the project and dependencies should be provided.
Your projects are developed in Java, which has additional requirements when
hosted on GNU Savannah, see:



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