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[Savannah-register-public] [task #14370] Submission of melikamp's userla

From: melikamp
Subject: [Savannah-register-public] [task #14370] Submission of melikamp's userland
Date: Fri, 24 Feb 2017 14:27:33 -0500 (EST)
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Follow-up Comment #7, task #14370 (project administration):

Since I haven't heard from you in a while, I just wanted to touch bases and
perhaps clarify some of my concerns.

I want to make it very clear, once more, that I do not suspect at the moment
that I was treated badly or unfairly in any way, nor do I presume (and never
have) that my project qualifies for being hosted at Savannah.

I would also like to make it very clear that I am the project leader for this
project, and it was never my intention to share the creative control with the
Savannah project. In particular, I have no intention to fuse my project to the
GNU software project. And while I would be wide open to sharing the creative
control with any or all Savannah hackers, I would never want it to be traded
for hosting services in any way.

This, I believe, is the very root of the misunderstanding we are having here.
I came to Savannah project assuming that its non-GNU part is a "hosting
project", and I will define this notion for the purposes of this discussion.
Indeed, I have no one but myself to blame in the event that this assumption is
now backfiring on me, but I would appreciate if Savannah project provided a
clarification and set me straight on this single issue.

By "hosting project" I mean precisely my standing assumption that Savannah
project does not filter/censor/reject projects based solely on subjective
opinions of its members (Savannah hackers). It is very clear to me that
Savannah project rejects non-free software, and I am OK with that, because I
believe it's an objective and fair criterion, applied uniformly to all
submissions. Indeed, the only reason I chose Savannah over, say GitLab, is to
show my support for Savannah's commitment to dump non-free software. And in
fact, I would be generally willing to modify my project in a wide variety of
ways in order to meet all kinds of objective tests, as long as they are
applied fairly and uniformly, and I listed some examples of what I think of as
fair and objective criteria in my previous post.

Of course, it is entirely within Savannah's right to demand a share of
creative control for any project hosted, even if that demand based on nothing
more than the subjective opinion of a Savannah hacker. But that, I figured,
would essentially make Savannah a software project with its own unique
subjective vision of what constitutes acceptable Savannah software. There is
absolutely nothing wrong with such a direction: this is indeed what GNU
software project currently is, but in that case I would appreciate if Savannah
project could confirm as much.

So please forgive me if anything I said up to now sounded like an accusation,
or gave you an impression of ill will; that was certainly not my angle. All I
want to know at this point is a clarification to what I regard as a very
simple and straightforward question, which allows for a very simple and
straightforward yes/no/no-opinion answer:

Does or does not Savannah project demand, allow, or abide by
filtering/censoring/rejecting projects based solely on subjective opinions of
its members (Savannah hackers)? I totally understand if the project cannot
give me a yes/no answer due to the fact that this question never came up
before; I would not be surprised if the reason for me waiting here is the
ongoing internal discussion intended to settle this very question. In that
case, I would appreciate a bit of feedback which confirms as much.

At any rate, thanks for your time, and I hope we can resolve this issue soon
and to everyone's content :)


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