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[Savannah-register-public] [task #15227] Submission of PeaFactory

From: Axel von dem Bruch
Subject: [Savannah-register-public] [task #15227] Submission of PeaFactory
Date: Wed, 3 Apr 2019 02:58:19 -0400 (EDT)
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Follow-up Comment #4, task #15227 (project administration):

Hi Ineiev, 

 > All files should contain them, not just "source files". 

Which files need the license notice? There are images, translation files
(language bundle) and property files for user settings. Is it OK to add the
license notice in a README file in that directory for all files?

 > What about giving the GNU Project due credit? 

How much would the extra effort be? I have no objections to the philosophy of
the FSF, but the program does not meet the GNU coding standards yet and it
seems that Java programs are a little unpopular in the GNU project.... I could
try to meet the most important standards bit by bit, but that would take some

 > Also, please include an exact copy of the GPL from (in your case,, without re-wrapping
the lines. 

I just didn't find the text of the GNU license; I'll include the original

 > EPL-1.0 is GPL-incompatible; if this is just a compiler, it shouldn't
affect the licensing of your code, but you should make sure it doesn't. 

The Eclipse compiler is used internally for compiling, I don't know if this is
a problem. It will soon be replaced by the OpenJDK compiler anyway. But I
would like to move it to the next version, because this modification needs
some testing.

The program was developed on OpenJDK (IcedTea), even though it also runs on
Oracles JRE. So, the target Java platform does not contain any proprietary



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