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[task #15731] Submission of Davis Remmel

From: Davis Remmel
Subject: [task #15731] Submission of Davis Remmel
Date: Thu, 30 Jul 2020 11:34:48 -0400 (EDT)
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Follow-up Comment #9, task #15731 (project administration):


I don't think you're following the Hosting Requirements document and are
"moving the goalposts" to prevent me entering the Savannah system. The
sequence of events has been:

1) I applied for my project to be hosted by Savannah

2) You denied me, stating "those e-tablets run proprietary software"

3) I disputed that because they don't. I further clarified that my project
doesn't technically even communicate with proprietary software, but only the
filesystem on any remote host over SSH.

4) You again denied me, this time deflecting from "run proprietary software"
to "there is no free software that could realistically replace the nonfree
parts on that device"

5) Again, I disputed that and proved the tablet, in fact, can run wholly using
free software, including replacements for the (stock) nonfree parts of the

6) After a week, you then replied not citing any of the proof I gave, and
moved the goalposts stating the tablet had to run a distribution listed on
free-distros.html or free-non-gnu-distros.html. Nowhere in the hosting
requirements does it say this. Furthermore, it is completely under false
pretenses, because RCU _does not run on the tablet_, it runs on a PC--a PC
running 100% free software. It just so happens the tablet can also run 100%
free software.

7) Then you wrote, "The difference from hdup is: hdup is intended to connect
to a device that may run an FSDG-compliant distro, whereas RCU isn't." How can
you make this claim when Hdup _only has a description_? It's clear to me you
didn't really look at that link. And besides that fact, even if I played along
to your line about an "FSDG-compliant distro," RCU also connects to any SSH
device that could run a 100% free distro. Furthermore, free software is not
defined by vendor certifications, it is defined by the four freedoms
( which RCU completely adheres

8) Then you told me it wouldn't matter anyway, because even if I could provide
examples of projects approved by the Savannah administrators, they all would
have been wrongly approved.

RCU is not dependent on nonfree software. This is indisputable. You cannot say
that networked software implies usage of nonfree software. Again, even if it
did, I've proven this tablet can and does run wholly-free software.
Furthermore, you can't dispute usage of proprietary software because, as I
have previously cited, from the Hosting Requirements:

> The program should deliver its full functionality and convenience on a
completely free platform based on a free operating system, such as GNU/Linux,
working entirely with other free software. Otherwise, it would be an
inducement to install nonfree operating systems or other nonfree software.

> It is ok for the program to run on nonfree platforms or nonfree operating
systems, and to work with well-known nonfree applications, in addition to
working with free software, provided it gives the free software at least as
good support as it gives to nonfree counterparts. In other words, at no time,
in no way, should your program put free software users at a disadvantage
compared to those willing to use proprietary software.

RCU doesn't entice users to install nonfree software, because the stock
nonfree program (Xochitl) is preinstalled on every tablet. And, it's OK for
RCU to "work with" (i.e. placing files in the spots that nonfree software
would look) so long as it works as well with free software, which it does such
as in the case of KOReader.

So, concretely, please respond specifically citing the sentences of the
Hosting Requirements (
that you feel RCU doesn't adhere to. I'd also like another Savannah
administrator to be CC'd on this chain, and for a second opinion to be made,
because I think RCU follows every word of that document, and as-such I'm being
unfairly denied.



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