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[task #15602] Submission of dungeon-mode

From: Amin Bandali
Subject: [task #15602] Submission of dungeon-mode
Date: Sat, 26 Sep 2020 15:54:47 -0400 (EDT)
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Update of task #15602 (project administration):

                  Status:             In Progress => Done                   
        Percent Complete:                     90% => 100%                   


Follow-up Comment #21:

Hi Corwin,

[comment #20 comment #20:]
> [comment #19 comment #19:]
> > Thanks for your help, Corwin and Ineiev.
> Thanks for additional feedback and thoughts, below and all along this
> jourey Amin.

Cheers, you're very welcome!

> > A few remaining points needing to be addressed:
> > 
> > - Ineiev pointed out to me that
> >  
> >   is missing a license header, which I probably had not noticed.  I also
> >   noticed that (one level up) also lacks a license notice.
> >   Would you please add the GPLv3+ header to those files as well?
> Removed these, see below.
> > - After addressing the above, I think the only files without an explicit
> >   license notice in them would be the ones in
> >   build/user-settings/game-data/Characters/Bob.  I understand that the
> >   blanket statement added in f613a39cd25037aaad5ffb35d18bfbacd6f4dc8c
> >   was meant to address that.  But I have since learned that the files
> >   are better listed specifically in the README, as otherwise it would be
> >   too easy to add a file with a different license and/or copyright to
> >   the repository and get the licensing and copyright details wrong or
> >   just forget about.  Part of the reasoning for requiring notices in
> >   files whenever possible is to make it easier and clearer when copying
> >   these files to other packages, per "Why license notices?" of
> >   <>.
> > 
> >   Other related references on this topic:
> >   <>
> >   <>
> This seems clear and will be our approach going forward.  For the
> files in question I have removed each from master as they were from
> very early in the project and didn't relate to anything currently
> needed.

Great, thank you.

> >   As such, would you please explicitly mention those three txt files in
> >   the README?  It would probably help to do that in a small README in
> >   the same directory as those files to help tie things together nicely
> >   and avoid listing individual such files (if their number grows in the
> >   future) in the main README of the project.
> As aluded to above, we haven't yet updated the README as suggested.
> That's only because we've been able to avoid keeping any files that
> can't (and don't already) have the proper license and copyrights.  We
> are aligned to update the README to explicitly call out "stragglers"
> (files we can't or don't want to add the license and copyright
> information to, for whatever reason) and we'll udpate to call out
> exception files as soon as we have one :)

Sounds good!

> I gave a once over the entire repo and coudn't spot any files that
> don't have a license and copyright. *fingers crossed*

Awesome, thanks!  I'd also given it a pass the other day after your
latest change, and didn't see any files without license information.

I think at this point dungeon-mode is ready to be included in Savannah!
I would approve this very submission, but the corresponding 'group' for
your submission was marked for deletion by the original reviewer and
deleted after some time.  At the time I was not aware of the deletion(s)
and did not have sufficient access to reverse it either.

As such, please create a new submission with the same information
(optionally with any updates to the description etc since your original
submission) with the same name, and I'll approve after a quick final

> > 
> > I believe once these are taken care of we should be good to go. :-)
> > 
> > Best,
> > amin
> Once again, thanks much for the work you (in the most general sense)
> do supporting our community.

You're most welcome, Corwin.  I'm happy to have been able to help!
Likewise thank you for bearing with me/us through the application
process. :-)



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