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[task #16067] Submission of Dezyne

From: Jan Nieuwenhuizen
Subject: [task #16067] Submission of Dezyne
Date: Tue, 7 Dec 2021 08:00:15 -0500 (EST)
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Follow-up Comment #24, task #16067 (project administration):


>> 100 lines (more than twice as long) that mostly draw attention to
>> copyright headers.
> If you use @include rather than @verbatiminclude, you'll be able to hide
> in texinfo comments.  Isn't it a trivial technique?

Using @include assumes texinfo format.  The texinfo format does not
recognize "//" as a comment marker, and needs escaping for braces "{"
and "}".  For example:

    // header
    // comment
    interface {


    @c header
    @c comment
    interface @{

which makes the example unusable for the Dezyne tooling.  While that
is "only" very inconvenient for us maintainers, it is terrible for our
users who want to try such an example out.  I hope you can agree that
we are making the wise choice here.

>> Furthermore, the examples above are trivial creations, and therefore
>> not copyrightable.
> No, they are not trivial.  Let us agree on this, at last.
>> Any file more than ten lines long is nontrivial for this purpose.

As Alfred also mentioned in #17, your reading of the requirements is
far to strict and not what is intended.

If you know the Dezyne language, there is really no other way to
express what is explained in the text than in these three examples.
Note that the third example is not even given...because it is equally

Also, whitespace and other trivial lines with only parentheses or
braces must not be counted.  The first example has, indeed eleven
lines and the second one is seven lines.  Both are trivial.

AND, quoting #21

    To remove any doubt, the README makes the dual licensing clear, the
    copyright is of course listed in the dezyne.texi of the manual itself
    (and can bee derived from git or the ChangeLog).

I again, respectfully ask you to approve.


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