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[task #16345] Submission of Gprofng GUI

From: Ineiev
Subject: [task #16345] Submission of Gprofng GUI
Date: Fri, 17 Feb 2023 02:27:50 -0500 (EST)

Follow-up Comment #7, task #16345 (project administration):

[comment #6 comment #6:]
> Allright, in the spirit of getting the project created as soon as possible,
I have pushed the required changes(*) to the master branch of the repo at:

Thank you! opt/gprofng/mpmt/icons/README.license has a typo ("uner") and lacks
valid copyright notices.  I would also recommend listing all covered files

> Note I have not added a copyright notice to the two paragraphs long README
file.  None of my GNU programs have these, and I won't start now.

The Information for Maintainers of GNU Software sets the threshold of presumed
copyrightability in terms of lines rather than paragraphs
([// 10 or more]),
and that file has clearly more than 10 non-empty lines. The Information also
specifically says that
small supporting files, including READMEs, should also have license notices].

Those instructions are part of Savannah hosting requirements (in fact, they
apply to a GNU package no matter where it's hosted); you said you committed to
follow them.  I do see a few ways to resolve this conflict, but I really need
to know how _you_ explain it.


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