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[task #16461] Submission of sinaps is not a password safe

Subject: [task #16461] Submission of sinaps is not a password safe
Date: Fri, 17 Nov 2023 15:57:36 -0500 (EST)

Follow-up Comment #6, task #16461 (project administration):

[comment #5 comment #5:]
> [comment #4 comment #4:]
> > Yes, I forgot to also license the generated html files. I just added the
> Did I say, "HTML"?  Do you mean HTML?  And a question with an asterisk: are
all added notices valid?
The HTML documentation is the only one that I generated, so I assumed that's
what you were talking about.
The doxygen webpage states the following: "Documents produced by doxygen are
derivative works derived from the input used in their production; they are not
affected by this license."
My understanding is that I can choose any license for the produced documents.
If that was not the case, using doxygen would force me to also use GPLv2.

> > The section containing the GNU Free Documentation License can be found in
the tree view on the left-hand side or from "Related Pages" in the top menu.
> I see neither the tree view nor the top menu with my browser.

Hmm... just to be on the same page: Are we talking about the generated
HTML-documentation? Out of curiosity and to trouble shoot: Which browser do
you use?

> > Regarding doxygen.conf: Are you concerned that the file should inherit the
license of doxygen because of all the boilerplate code?
> You are right.
> > I dropped all default lines and kept only the ones I changed; then, it
shouldn't be an issue.
> Why not?  The file is still derived, isn't it?

Well, ... technically it is. But taking pieces from the doxygen manual to
construct a doxygen.conf is also derived, isn't it? So am I forced into GPLv2
when using doxygen? I assumed the license requirements are less prohibitive.

I suppose the easy way out is to strip off the doxygen.conf and generated
documentation and leave it to interested people to run doxygen themselves.


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