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[task #16461] Submission of sinaps is not a password safe

Subject: [task #16461] Submission of sinaps is not a password safe
Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2023 15:43:35 -0500 (EST)

Follow-up Comment #8, task #16461 (project administration):

Ok, so the documentation part is much tougher than I expected. Thank you for
all the input and guidance. Let me try to organize it a bit, please comment on
my thoughts.

1. I currently use doxygen to generate "HTML output". This is the term that is
used by doxygen itself, but it includes HTML, css, javascript, png and *.md5
and *.map files.

  a) The latter two are intermediate files and not part of the documentation
so I do not see the necessity to put in notices.
  b) The css and javascript files are boilerplate so I don't think I can or
should put a copyright in there. I am not sure about a license notice though.
If you think I should include one, I can do it.
  c) The HTML files already contain copyright and license notices.
  d) The png files are also generated from the source code so I put a note in
the README to declare their license.

2. Just to clairfy: I think all the files mentioned above make up one
particular type of a "produced document" to which the GPLv2 of doxygen does
not apply.

3. I see that lynx does not render the menus; I added a direct link so the
license will be accessible.

4. Regarding doxygen.conf: Now that I have dropped all boilerplate, there is
no copied expression in there because all of the remaining settings were
handwritten after reading the documentation.

(file #55343)


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