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[Savannah-users] Re: non-fast-forward git push ?

From: Miles Bader
Subject: [Savannah-users] Re: non-fast-forward git push ?
Date: Tue, 07 Apr 2009 18:04:04 +0900

I posted a query to address@hidden ("snogglethorpe" is me): 17:28 snogglethorpe: I wanted to do a non-FF push to a remote repo that doesn't allow them, but someone has pointed out that you can actually bypass the protection by doing: git push REMOTE :master ; git push REMOTE master 17:29 snogglethorpe: is this basically (haha) safe, and equivalent to git push -f REMOTE master?
17:56 sitaram: snogglethorpe: "safe" is a very funny word to use while deleting a branch :-)
  17:56 snogglethorpe: sitaram: yeah i know
17:56 sitaram: snogglethorpe: it's not eqvt -- in case the remote has reflog for the branch the reflog gets wiped out, which is not the case for 'git push -f' 17:57 snogglethorpe: not sure whether it matters -- is a reflog useful on a server that nobody ever accesses except via pushing/pulling? 17:57 sitaram: I'm obviously not going into the social aspects of all this... ;-)
  17:57 snogglethorpe: yeah
17:57 sitaram: snogglethorpe: sure it is; it can at least tell you when each push happened in case you want to track something
  17:57 snogglethorpe: hm
17:57 sitaram: snogglethorpe:
  17:58 snogglethorpe: food for thought anyway
17:59 snogglethorpe: there's a thread on the savannah( mailing list where these points weren't brought up 17:59 snogglethorpe: it is true that for a "very public" server like that, maybe denying push -f without additional confirmation is the right thing 18:00 snogglethorpe: but your points make it seem like maybe it would be nice to have some sort of "yes i really really mean it" frob... 18:00 snogglethorpe: (and allow push -f if you jump through the proper hoops)


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