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Re: [Savannah-users] Question regarding general setup

From: Donn
Subject: Re: [Savannah-users] Question regarding general setup
Date: Thu, 4 Jun 2009 11:48:12 +0200
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On Thursday, 04 June 2009 05:22:02 Jonathan Quintanilla wrote:
> This is my first time ever doing this, haha. I want to setup a CVS
Hi, I will tell you what I did. I use the command-line under GNU/Linux.

I enabled CVS on the Savannah admin page (MyAccountConf link on left under the 
floating Gnu). Then follow the link to the CVS repository page (from that same 
admin screen, where you enabled cvs).

That new page will give you the CVS command to use when checking-out a 
project. That is what you do next, replace vars as you need:
(Oh, this assumes you have ssh working and have set your keys in Savannah 
$ export CVS_RSH=ssh
$ cvs -t -d:ext:address@hidden/cvsroot/PROJECT co PROJECT

This will create a directory WHEREYOUDEVELOP/PROJECT. Go into it and:
cvs add file1 file2 filen
cvs add somedir
cvs add somedir/*
cvs commit -m "initial commit"

After the commit, you should be able to go to the savannah admin page and 
follow the link to "CVS web browsing" and you should see your files appearing.
Now it's a matter of using CVS add/remove etc.


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