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[Savannah-users] Yet another gpl license question

From: Joseph Pesco
Subject: [Savannah-users] Yet another gpl license question
Date: Sat, 14 Jan 2012 10:37:49 -0800 (PST)

Hi Folks;

I'm almost set to submit a project to Savannah. I'm running it through it's paces, and say to myself, "I really need to include rcs-5.7-26.i386.rpm in the tar ball.  There are several other packages I'd also like to include but am not over bloat concerns.

My project is a "Gnu key chain" utility and thus far rcs is the only extraneous package required for it's operation and I plain don't understand the implications of packaging an rpm inside a tar ball, or for that matter another rpm.  A fair number of the scripts are `!/bin/bash', and one possibly two use the `select' command.  I'm something of a CLI purest, and `select' really is too right wing.  (UI is after all for people who can't handle the truth.)  Even though I'm no expert on Bashisms if I'm going to call on Bash I'll use Bashisms for all they're worth, except of course any that hint at elements of user interface. There are no binaries of my own making in the project as of yet. I've followed the recommendations for the use of gplv3. Though I'm guessing there is more to the verbiage there than meets the eye.     

Most of the editing tasks for this project have been done with Vi, only due to luck of the draw.  I had reached Emacs Lisp sometime ago, and thus backed away from Emacs citing lacked any proficiency with Vi.  I hadn't even the ability to s///g in Vi at the time I started this project.  Of those additional packages I'd like to include are vim-enhanced. Because that might seem playing favourites in the Vi versus Emacs debate I wont mention it again. I'd prefer to remain dead center of this debate, and I'll happily hide behind the bloat-ware banner to do so.      

Yours truly,


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