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Re: [Savannah-users] About projects web pages

From: Danilo G. Baio
Subject: Re: [Savannah-users] About projects web pages
Date: Sun, 28 Jan 2018 18:25:37 -0200

On Sun, Jan 28, 2018 at 6:02 PM, Bob Proulx <address@hidden> wrote:

> Hello Danilo,
> Danilo G. Baio wrote:
> > I've noticed that in FreeBSD, some ports have their web pages broken.
> >
> > This happens with all projects pointing to
> ...
> > I think at least 100 ports on FreeBSD are affected with this.
> First let me say that I am not one of the FSF admins.  I volunteer
> with Savannah.  So all of this that I am going to say is second hand
> information.  I can't login to the FSF systems and look.  Read details
> with caution because it might be wrong! :-) But hopefully useful
> anyway.
> My first thought is that I don't know why this is being brought up
> here on savannah-users since it isn't related to Savannah.  What can
> we do about it?  I might think that gnu-misc-discuss might be better.
> (Shrug.)  I don't know.  But there isn't anything Savannah Hackers can
> do about it since it is on other systems that are not Savannah
> systems.
> Here is what I know.  Sometime last week it was reported that there
> was a certificate problem with the system (on
> the system that hosts it).  This was a systematic
> problem and affected *ALL* of the projects, not just the ones you
> mentioned.  You weren't getting picked on in particular.  It was just
> a fault and everything using it was broken.
> The FSF admins started working on the problem but were unable to
> complete it last week.  And unfortunately the debugging of the https
> certificate problem apparently broke the http side of things too.
> That appears to have been an Oops.  On Saturday more reports came in
> to Savannah about this new problem of returning 404 Not
> Found for everything.  But since on wildebeest is not a
> Savannah system there wasn't anything we could do other than redirect
> things over to sysadmin.  Which I did and on Saturday Ian jumped in
> and got the http side of things back online.  Thanks Ian!  This wasn't
> a system he was familiar with, he's new, and the https certificate
> problem predated the http breakage so things had to get left at that
> point for others to fix later.
> Today on Sunday I check and see that the redirect from http to https
> has been removed.  I am sure this is temporary just to avoid the
> broken https certificate.  It's about the only temporary workaround
> that can get things back working without an error.  Even though it
> does drop support for https for the moment.  I know this will only be
> temporary and https will be when it is working again.  Things are
> online in a workaround state until the certificate fix is completed.
> > The addresses will work again?
> When I woke up this morning and looked I see that the above are all
> working again now.  The only caveat is that they are (temporarily) no
> longer redirecting to https as they had been doing.
> [...]

Hello bob.

Thanks for sharing this information, I thought that savannah takes care of

You are right, at this moment it's all working again (even without https

In future if something like this happens again, I'll open a ticket, thanks
for the heads up.

Danilo G. Baio (dbaio)

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