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Re: may a program using LaTeX be hosted in Savannah

From: Daniel Molina
Subject: Re: may a program using LaTeX be hosted in Savannah
Date: Wed, 26 Aug 2020 17:41:12 +0200
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Thanks for the answer, Karl.

In my case I do not modify any LaTeX code, I just generate png's with a
LaTeX environment,

some of them interactively some of them for the UI buttons (the program
is an equation editor).

Images generated with LaTeX are really simple, for example just
including a Greek letter, so I even

do not find legitimate to "strongly" license them with a CC-BY-SA, for
example. At some point I'll

need to ask for legal details about licensing the stuff the right way.

Thanks also for pointing out Puszcza, I will probably consider it if I
finally do not move to Savannah.

(The program currently uses Qt, which I know that does not pass Savannah
hosting requirements,

but I am in the middle of a rewriting and maybe I move to Gtk)



On 23/8/20 23:07, Karl Berry wrote:
> Hi Daniel - Most LaTeX packages are released under the LaTeX Project
> Public License, which is incompatible with the GPL, and therefore cannot
> be hosted on Savannah, despite being acceptable free software licenses.
> At least that is my understanding.
> OTOH, if the LPPL stuff is only a dependency, e.g., for the sake of a
> manual that you wrote in LaTeX, and nothing in your project is itself
> licensed under the LPPL, then it would seem ok to me.
> As for images, it depends on the license of those images.
> It's all in the details when it comes to this stuff ... --best, karl.
> P.S. Another free software forge, based on the same code as Savannah,
> that does not have the GPL-compatible policy requirement is
>, created and maintained by Sergey Poznyakoff,
> long-time GNU maintainer. I have hosted several of my TeX projects there
> over the years.

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