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Re: [Scm-discuss] Updating scm to plan9

From: Fernan Bolando
Subject: Re: [Scm-discuss] Updating scm to plan9
Date: Mon, 30 Jun 2008 06:22:46 +0800

On 6/30/08, Aubrey Jaffer <address@hidden> wrote:
| Date: Sun, 29 Jun 2008 21:41:46 +0800
  | From: "Fernan Bolando" <address@hidden>

  | I currently updating scm to be able to use under plan9.

The last correspondence I can find about SCM and Plan9 is from April

  | It seems like there are a few things that needed fixing in order to
  | compile under plan9.
  | in scm.c I changed the wait() to waitpid(). I am still unable to
  | compile it though.

Is wait() being deprecated in Plan9?
Did you change it to "waitpid(-1, &wm, 0)", or something else?

Is wait() being deprecated in Plan9?
Did you change it to "waitpid(-1, &wm, 0)", or something else?

I am not familiar with plan back in 2002, but it seems the functions changed specification.

wait(), fexp(), dirstat(), dirfstat() and dirwstat() because I was getting too many arguments

The following are the corresponding man files

The last update you sent did fix the errors I posted, however that was only a small portion
of the errors I was getting. I have attached the error file, incase you want to see the whole set 
of errors. I am using the build script below.

#! /bin/rc
# unix (plan9) script created by SLIB/batch Sun Jun 29 17:31:58 2008
# [-p plan9-8]
# ================ Write file with C defines
rm -f scmflags.h
echo '#define IMPLINIT "Init5e4.scm"'>>scmflags.h
echo '#define FLOATS'>>scmflags.h
echo '#define BIGNUMS'>>scmflags.h
echo '#define ARRAYS'>>scmflags.h
# ================ Compile C source files
8c -Fwp -DPLAN9 continue.c scm.c scmmain.c findexec.c script.c time.c repl.c scl.c eval.c sys.c subr.c debug.c unif.c rope.c
# ================ Link C object files
8l -o scm continue.8 scm.8 scmmain.8 findexec.8 script.8 time.8 repl.8 scl.8 eval.8 sys.8 subr.8 debug.8 unif.8 rope.8

I have not been able to compile yet, so there could a few more problems.
I will look into it somemore later.




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