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Re: [Scm-discuss] building scm

From: Aubrey Jaffer
Subject: Re: [Scm-discuss] building scm
Date: Sun, 17 Oct 2010 12:31:10 -0400 (EDT)

 | Date: Sat, 16 Oct 2010 17:46:57 +0200
 | From: Philipp Klaus Krause <address@hidden>
 | I'm trying to build scm.

Which OS and compiler and versions are you using?

 | When I invoke ./build in the scm directory scmflags.h is created, but
 | that's it. Howevever two gcc invocatipon commands are displayed (I don't
 | think they are executed, since no .o files are created).

See `-h system' in <>

 | When I invoke them manually the first ("gcc -c continue.c scm.c
 | scmmain.c findexec.c script.c time.c repl.c scl.c eval.c sys.c
 | subr.c debug.c unif.c rope.c") creates .o files, with lots of
 | warnings suggesting that scm is quite buggy.

After running `make scmlit', I ran your command on a clean version of and on gcc (Ubuntu 4.4.3-4ubuntu5) 4.4.3 on
x86_64.  There were 24 warnings and no errors.  The warnings on my
system are harmless, mostly about discarding `const' from strings and
integer size conversions.

But you didn't send the warnings you received.  If you are worried
about a particular warning, please reply with the text of the actual

 | When I invoke the second one ("gcc -rdynamic -o scm continue.o scm.o
 | scmmain.o findexec.o script.o time.o repl.o scl.o eval.o sys.o subr.o
 | debug.o unif.o rope.o -lm -lc") I get an error:
 | scm.o: In function `scm_init_extensions':
 | scm.c:(.text+0x35): undefined reference to `init_edline'

Your command works fine on my system.

A call to init_edline() would be put into "scmflags.h" by building
with `-F edit-line'.  "scmflags.h" is built by echo statements in the
script created by the build script.  You didn't say how you created
your "scmflags.h".

 | Previously I looked at the scm in Debian (5e5) and tried
 | hobbit. The code hobbit creates looks horrible and broken.

Did it fail to compile or link?  Hobbit code is for compilers, not
humans.  If you want a Scheme->C compiler which generates readable
code, see <>

 | Has hobbit improved in 5e7?


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