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Re: [Scm-discuss] 5f2 regression: r4rstest.scm fails on 32-bit

From: Aubrey Jaffer
Subject: Re: [Scm-discuss] 5f2 regression: r4rstest.scm fails on 32-bit
Date: Thu, 12 Oct 2017 19:52:11 -0400

Steve VanDevender <address@hidden> writes:

 | Here is a patch that fixes the problems with floating-point number
 | conversion to strings on 32-bit systems.  With this SCM 5f2 passes all
 | of its distributed tests even when compiled with -O2 (at least using GCC
 | 6.3.0 in Debian Stretch).

Thanks for your patch.  When I tried to apply the patch, I found that a
very similar patch from Jakub Bogusz had already been applied, but not
documented in the ChangeLog, nor put in the development zipfile.  That
explains why I couldn't reproduce the bug; it was already fixed.

I apologize for my forgetfulness.  I will do a release before the end of
the year.

The development version is updated:

Also, the CVS repository is updated:

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