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Re: [Scm-discuss] lingering reference to big2dbl() in scmhob.h

From: Aubrey Jaffer
Subject: Re: [Scm-discuss] lingering reference to big2dbl() in scmhob.h
Date: Sat, 21 Oct 2017 22:40:32 -0400

Steve VanDevender <address@hidden> writes:

 | scmhob.h contains a reference to big2dbl(), which the ChangeLog
 | indicates was renamed to int2dbl().  This can prevent some
 | Hobbit-compiled code from linking.

Thanks for your patch.

  * scmhob.h (PRE_TRANSC_FUN): big2dbl() --> int2dbl().

Made some other changes for GC reporting problem:

  * scm.h: (must_realloc, must_realloc_cell): Made olen and len
  arguments unsigned long.
  * repl.c, scm.h, sys.c(mallocated, lmallocated): Made unsigned long.
  * sys.c (igc_for_alloc): Made olen and size unsigned long.

The development version is updated:

Also, the CVS repository is updated:

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