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[screen-devel] Bug: loadavg and compile error on 64-bit AIX 5.3

From: Erik Falor
Subject: [screen-devel] Bug: loadavg and compile error on 64-bit AIX 5.3
Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2008 12:21:03 -0700

Compiling screen on a 64-bit AIX 5.3 machine causes a compile error in misc.c line 619 where the setenv() function is called.
This could be fixed by adding a '|| defined()' test to the pre-processor directive a few lines above.  Unfortunately, I can't figure out
which symbol stands for AIX 5.3.  changed the line from
    # if defined(linux) || defined(__convex__) || (BSD >= 199103)
    # if defined(linux) || defined(__convex__) || (BSD >= 199103) || defined(_IBMR2)
and found that it worked for me.

Moreover, the load average isn't correctly reported in the status line.  I found the following problems with the code:
The type of the load average on this machine is "long long" instead of long.
The knlist() function takes an nlist struct as an argument instead of an nlist64 struct.  The configure script is incorrectly reporting that it wants an nlist64.

Erik Falor
Registered Linux User #445632
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